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Deer Antler Velvet Muscle Booster

The health market contains thousands of health supplements. Each and every one of them has its advantages. Those who are interested in finding the ideal one must check supplements made with deer antler velvet. Available in spray form, deer antler velvet belongs to Chinese medicine practices.


It has been employed by health specialists for centuries. It is being extracted from antlers when these reach the calcification stage due to the fact that this is the period when the nutrients kick in at their most. More than this, the animals are not being harmed in any ways when this process takes place.

The Health Benefits Of Deer Antler Velvet Sprays

When it comes to health benefits, the user can trust the fact that he or she will go through increase in their energy levels, endurance and stamina. If you happen to be in training, this is the supplement that you ought to use. You will find yourself more able to execute all kinds of physical efforts.

More than this, you will feel more rested after the effort and you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Besides these benefits, deer antler is known to improve your mood, not to mention it will help you remain younger looking for longer periods of time. It eliminates the pains caused by exercise and heightens your senses for you to think more clearly.

Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

When your body functions better, you put on good weight. This means excessive fat gets to be eliminated, while healthy, muscular tissue is being put on. You will notice that your wounds or injuries heal faster than ever. This is a proof that deer antler velvet extract has the ability to increase your immunity, as well.

You will no longer endure unhealthy cravings. In women, deer antler works amazingly against hormonal problems. For those with diabetes, it balances blood sugar levels.

The amino acid spectrum and IGF-1 growth factors are core ingredients of deer antler velvet sprays. This is the reason why they are so effective against aging. Also known as Insulin-like growth factor 1, this element plays an important role in childhood growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults.

All these health benefits make deer antler velvet sprays an ideal supplement for athletes. Recent studies show IGF-1 is highly effective in healing some cartilage and tendon injuries. However, this doesn’t mean the average Joe shouldn’t use the supplement. On contrary, everyone should use health supplements of any kind.

Best Deer Antler Velvet

It seems the best deer antler velvet supplements are those from New Zealand. When shopping for them. keep this in mind. Extensive research has shown the red deer of New Zealand produces more qualitative products than those in Russia and China. These are also considered to be great, but not as the New Zealand’s ones.

One of the reasons for which deer in this country is superior than others is that in this place wasting disease and high pollution hasn’t got the chance to take place. More than this, the deer antler velvet extracts from here are being very roughly checked for their quality.

What Is Deer Antler Spray?

Deer AntlerX

Expert: I’ve been excited for the last few months about Deer AntlerX Spray and the product line there, because as a student of health and as an educator in the health food world, there are certain things that I’ve come across that I don’t find very easily treated with food or with cleansing. There are certain things that are more hormonal in nature or have to do with how we were born and raised, and I’ve been looking for specific products to really target some of those things.

So a few of the products that you see here are just things that I’ve really fallen in love with and things that actually I’ve sourced out and took some time to find.

This Deer AntlerX product is probably the most potent hormonal adaptogen product that I’ve ever come across. Deer Antler is a product with about 3,000 years of history in Chinese medicine, and not just in Chinese, but also the Japanese, also the Koreans, and even actually the Russians as well, who call it the horns of gold. It’s been used for a very long time. It’s very potent medicine.

What Can Deer Antler Spray Do For The Body?

Interviewer: Why would somebody take deer antler spray? Like what’s so good about it? Like what does it do for the body?

Expert: Well, if you can imagine the earth a few thousand years ago and how the medical systems worked at that time, before left brain reasoning, before the modern scientific paradigm, people would learn from observing nature. That’s how they would determine what to use, what would be good for you.

The Chinese observed for along time the deer, and when we look through the Chinese longevity history or through their teaching and writings, remember the Chinese more than any other culture really did master the idea of longevity. The Taoists pretty much mastered that idea, and some of them were living very long periods of time. Well, they would observe their environment looking for the things that would create the elixir. They were looking for the elixir of life. They were looking for the fountain of youth, if you will, and that’s been a quest in many cultures.

What they noticed that was a unique thing about the deer that they would grow these large antlers in about three months, and then at the end of the season, they would fall off. A lot of people don’t realize that moose, deer, caribou, reindeer, elk, those animals, they actually grow and drop their antlers every year. So that’s the only organ in a million kingdom that completely regenerates. In other words, if you cut off a limb of mammal, it doesn’t grow back. But somehow this organ system always grows back every year, and it grows bigger every year as well.

So that was really interesting to them because they were looking for regeneration of their own body. So what they determined from watching that was that if that antler was regenerating, it must then contain something that causes regeneration. So the idea was if you could get that and turn it into a medicine that you could use that property that was in it to regenerate yourself.

Deer AntlerX Spray Benefits

Today we have the benefit of science and chemistry to understand a little bit about what’s in the deer antler, and what we know is that it contains a very complex symbiotic balance of growth factors. Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 are things created in our own bodies, proteins in our own bodies that we use to stimulate growth and repair and maintenance and regeneration. But as we age, the numbers or the levels of these different growth factors starts to taper off. So it’s very interesting then if you can find a food that contains IGF1 growth factors.

Well, it turns out, of course, that the antlers contain tremendous amounts of growth factor during certain stages of their growth. So you may have noticed that in the summertime, if you see pictures of deer from the summertime, their antler isn’t so pointed and sharp like this, and it doesn’t look like bone, the way you can see that’s clearly a bone. Earlier in the season, this would be covered with a velvet, and it would be soft and rounded at the ends, and the whole thing would be pretty soft. Early in the season, in the springtime, the deer antler starts to crack through the skull and grows covered in velvet soft, and grows a couple centimeters a day. It’s pretty amazing growth for a mammal. It grows and grows and grows.

Eventually, at the end of the season, they scrape off against trees. They scrape the velvet off, and this hardens into a bone. Once it’s reached this stage, there’s no more benefit, no medicine left in it. But when it’s soft, if those antlers can be made into a medicine, you can actually absorb the growth factors yourself. That’s been known for a long time. It’s been done for thousands of years in China and Korea, and it’s been done for almost a thousand years in Russia as well. So there’s extensive history, and what we know is that it’s a tonic. In other words, there’s no negative property. You can never overdose on it. There’s no toxic limit or toxic load. It only benefits the body.


There have been hundreds of studies done all over the world, and you can find all this information on the AntlerX website. You can find this information just by Googling around “deer antler extract studies” or “deer antler velvet research.” What you’ll find is that deer antler as a medicine has been studied in China, in Korea, in Japan, in New Zealand, in Australia, in the States, in Europe. Actually, all over the world studies have been done, and all of them are conclusive deer antler causes regeneration of the body, and in fact is probably the most valuable anti-aging tonic that’s ever existed. It’s probably the most valuable anti-aging substance on the earth, and that’s obvious because what we’re looking at is a mammalian organ that regenerates.

Does Deer AntlerX Spray Work?

If you want to regenerate yourself, if you want to stay youthful and young, it makes sense you would wan to eat something that contains the things that cause regeneration in mammals, and that’s what deer antler spray is.

So all of the deer antler velvet is sourced from cruelty free farms. That’s important. I couldn’t guarantee that other deer antler products were done that way. In fact, most of them probably aren’t. You can find other Deer AntlerX products. There’s a lot of them available. The problem is that some of those farms really mistreat the animals. Some of those animals are eventually slaughtered for meat or are castrated.

So we only work with cruelty free farms who allow their animals to range freely, and only the antler tips are used to make the medicine. That’s a quality level that’s not always easy to find out there in the marketplace, but was really important to us coming out of the raw food community and coming out of the vegan community. We wanted to make sure working with a product like this that we chose something that was not only the highest quality, but was also cruelty free.

Deer Antler Spray & IGF-1

Interviewer: Nice. I know other industry experts are into Deer AntlerX and stuff like that, and they mentions things like it has a lot of lysine in it, and they say that people who eat a lot of nuts or something this is a good product to balance out.

Expert: Something we were looking for too was how can you bring an animal type product into the marketplace that wasn’t for people who really don’t eat animal products? How can we find the most potent thing that provides all of that stuff, like you mentioned lysine, actually a full amino acid spectrum, a full spectrum also, like I said, of IGF-1 growth factors, and other type proteins? How can you bring that in without bringing in a lot of animal food into someone’s life? What we arrive at was this extract, which is a very small amount, but enough to balance out some of the imbalances that get created on a diet like you mentioned high in nuts and things like that.

Interviewer: Nice. So other things that you mentioned were people become quite viral on. Is this true?

Expert: Classically deer antler extract was an aphrodisiac, and it’s a very potent one, because it stimulates the gonadal hormonal system. That’s of course the ovaries and the testicles. So throughout time, it’s been used for both men and women to stimulate the sex drive, keeping in mind of course that for the Chinese, the sex drive was an indicator of someone’s overall health. In other words, they felt like if your sex drive was low, your health couldn’t be good. The two were interlinked and inextricable. So they felt that that virility was a sign of how much chi or energy or prana was inside someone’s body, how much life force. They felt the more life force you had, the more virile you would become.

Deer AntlerX Spray, though, is also used by body builders. It’s used by athletes, and that’s because it aids in recovery time tremendously. It causes the burning of body fat. It causes the building of lean muscle mass and lean body mass. It essentially reorients someone’s entire constitution and metabolism. It turns the metabolism up, gets the body burning away old material, and gets the body rebuilding itself and restructuring itself.

IGF-1 Growth Factor

One of the things that I think is exciting about it is that it contains nerve growth stimulant factor, which is really valuable because you may have been taught that nerves don’t regenerate. Well, that’s usually true, except in the presence of nerve growth stimulant factor, which actually causes nervous tissue to regrow. So for people who have old injuries, some of us are actually on the quest for deep, deep healing, where we want to regenerate ourselves completely. Well, if you’re going to do that, you need the sort of special elixir that has this stuff in it that causes regeneration.

Deer antler extract spray causes the regrowth of bone, of joint material, of nerves, of skin, of cartilage, of all of the connective tissues. So essentially, if you are training or exercising or trying to rebuild build yourself, if you’re getting deep body work or doing deep cleansing, everything you need to rebuild your body from the ground up is either in or stimulated by Deer AntlerX Spray.

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